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1.Massively Free

More than half of the datasets are free resources, including 2000 datasets that are released by USources team. We will gradually release more in the future.

2. Low-price Sharing

The third-party can set the price for their datasets (personal and bussiness). At present, the avg. price of each dataset is as low as 1.7 RMB.

3.Gift Currency for Registration

After registration, you can get 20 coins(=20RMB). You can check the currency balance in your personal center of "my balance" page.

Im Individual: contribute my dataset to USources?

1. Publish personal data and satisfy your own use
2. Set a price for your dataset to benefit from sharing


Im Enterprise: Connect partial data to USources?

1. We offer tech for free to help enterprise sale data
2. Bring cooperation opportunities for enterprise

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