Core Members:

Core Members Across China, the United States, Europe. Including the United States from Worcester Polytechnic, Dartmouth College, New York University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutions. For the founder, he has the scientific research background of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but also the research background of American universities. The company is also composed of top multi tier data management experts and semantic data experts. Founder and co-founders have a master's or doctoral degree. Our team is committed to allowing data to link the world in real time, allowing information systems to communicate more widely and freely, and becoming a benchmark platform for data infrastructure.

Linked Data Most semantic web researchers encourage institutions to disclose data. For the area of free sharing data, it is questioned by industry. The platform of universal sources is the first world's commercial real-time correlation data platform. It will make the field of data sharing ecology more dynamic, so that the data standards are more unified. It will make the field of data sharing more power, the data standards more uniform. Our company is a platform from a third-party professional perspective. Through the use of related data standards, extensive docking enterprise database, standardized and simplified data format, we provide the public with formatted RDF format data. At the same time we also provide a variety of other common formats (CSV, Excel, JSon), to meet the needs of business and individual users.

Sense of Mission The sense of social mission is the source of our team. Information and knowledge are very important to us. The efficient dissemination of information not only determines the efficiency of social organizations, but also determines the quality of life of every person. In particular, there are two main problems, the problem of uneven distribution of information and knowledge in the world, the problem of social high-tech knowledge being popularized and used slowly. This has not only seriously affected the cost and efficiency of the communication between institutions, but also made it impossible for the public to make effective use of human wisdom and information. What is important for scientific research is how to break through more knowledge, and how society can deliver information faster and wider, these are important for us. These will have a huge boost from economic, industrial, social, cultural and other aspects.

Company Culture:

We hope to utilize “information technology“ to promote social, economic and cultural progress and development.

Pursuit of Truth:
We only pay attention to things that is meaningful, pragmatic, and focus on the future.
Emphasize implementation:
We have quick step-by-step planning, implementation capabilities, quantitative assessment and advanced scientific methods.
Positive improvement:
We are actively accepting new things. We will constantly change and enhance the challenges of self-mentality. We will adapt and lead this era of progress and change.