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The instructions of Enterprise data docking

1. Introduction to docking

When the institutional data is docked with the USource, the institute does not need (or rarely) to do any work. Our platform will provide free software and technical personnel in order to achieve relevant retrieval data functions and services.


2. Provide free analysis report.

The source team has top data analysis experts and scholars. We have accumulated a large number of data analysis models and tools. We can provide a free analysis report and a quarterly overall analysis of the industry for the related agency. We can also provide high-value added reporting services to institutional decision-makers.

3. Cooperation and Profit

You can set the price of the data set. When someone downloads the data and pays it, you can earn a lot of Currency of Universal Sources (we support the Currency of Universal Sources translated into real money in the future). We actively promote cooperation, interconnection and win-win situation. We will also actively coordinate the cooperation between SMEs and provide corresponding technical support.