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The source of the self-developed bee flow to support the transformation and diversion of multiple data. "Beater - Personal Edition" is currently only open the upload function of CSV/Excel files. "Beater - Personal Edition" can also help individuals convert data for their own use or publish data to bring profits. The uploaded data can be transformed into RDF, CSV, JSON and many other formats and interfaces, and then they will be retrieved by the source platform. For research users with associated data, you can take full advantage of the SPARQL endpoint of the source and the URI point of the RDF data (Data is all 4 stars associated). Click to enter the Beater (Personal Version):

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The benefits of publishing data

1. For individuals and groups with published data requirements (such as the release of associated data), customers can easily implement one-click publishing and associated data.
2. You can set the price of the data set. When someone downloads the data and pays it, you can earn a lot of Currency of Universal Sources (we support the Currency of Universal Sources translated into real money in the future).
3. Our website automatically converted into a variety of data formats to meet customer needs, but also can backup and manage their own data sets. If you have finished uploading the data, you can go back to the personal pages of the source site and view the uploaded data. You can also view relevant data in resource search.

Upload tutorial

After clicking the "upload data" button, the following form will appear on the website. You can fill out the notes as follows: